Are you ready for the Big Fat Indian Wedding?

Are you a South-Asian bride looking for resources for you Indian Wedding? Are you looking to go for an Indian wedding and dont know what to wear? You have come to the right place. Here are 5 resources that you will answer your questions – from clothing, to accesories, to photography, to styling.

1. – A site for featuring a great selection of Indian-inspired apparel, jewelry and accessories. Top designers and all that good stuff.

2. – My favorite magazine ever and the best resource for Indian weddings. Featuring styles, vendors and services. They have hard magazines as well.

3. – Great site to let you rent Indian-wear rather than having to buy expensive lehangas, storing them and letting them sit around and get out of fashion. They dont have a large selection just yet but it’s stocking up.

4. – My favorite designers. Amazing selection and they ship to the US.

5. – The ultimate wedding magazine for US residents. Get your wedding featured here and make it even more memorable.

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