Joe Fresh in New York

Past weekend, I was in NYC attending a friend’s wedding. It was a ton of fun. What was also a lot of fun – exploring SOHO boutiques and shopping at Park, Madison and 5th Ave.

I have been reading about the Canandian brand Joe Fresh ( Despite their clichéd name, I have been love with their minimalistic designs. Ultra chic, well made and best of all, very *affordable*. You don’t even have to check the label! Yayyy. In any case, I heard their new store opened up in NYC, so I HAD to check it out.

I picked a couple of pieces (the first 2 pictures) from the store and I couldn’t be happier. The other 3 are the ones I *should* have also bought but didn’t get around to.

Check them out at – -$59 – $14

Wish list!!! – $29 – $69 – $34

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