Back from Europe and have a Neon Fever

Just back from my Europe trip.. soooo inspired. I have to be honest – while USA has a laid back style and amazing laid back and fashionable brands. Europe just takes the cake for street fashion.

I would love to do a trip report … the trends that were apparent – mint everywhere, hi-lo skirts, pastel denim and NEON! Neon is was everywhere. But people got to be creative and add just the right amount – to avoid running into neon overdose. Here are some ways:

  1. Skinny neon belt – no one can ever go wrong with this one!  A skinny neon belt will add a punch to both neutral or color blocking outfits
  2. Neon shoes with neutral outfit – this has to be my favorite way of wearing neon. A neural outfit with popping neon shoes.
  3. Basic neon dress – the key here is that dress has to be basic and not too complicated. Otherwise there is a danger of looking like a weirdo.
  4. Neon handbag – this one is so easy! Use neon accessories to add a kick.
  5. Neon nails – if you are the kind who wants to rock the trend at your own pace or be work appropriate, a neon nail polish is perfect way to start. Personally rocking neon pink nails and loving it!

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