Web Style Review – romwe.com

Romwe.com is the quintessence street style online boutique. Not only do they feature all the latest trends, they also have a fabulous outfit section to help you visualize and put together outfits. Plus who doesn’t like a 20% discount coupon right away.

Here are the 5 LOVE-worthy styles that captured my fancy –

  1. Yellow flats – embrace the neon and color-shocking style. That too, for just $27! Link – http://www.romwe.com/point-toes-yellow-flat-shoes-p-32930.html
  2. Floral flared dress – I know that floral is in but this floral is definitely not-your-cliché-floral. Link – http://www.romwe.com/floral-print-flared-shift-dress-p-36725.html
  3. Ooops, sold out but a beautiful maxi dress. Love the mixed prints.
  4. Starry Anomalous Shift Dress – The beautiful hi-low dress, perfect for summer.  The pattern is amazing.  Link – http://www.romwe.com/starry-anomalous-shift-dress-p-31822.html
  5. Double breasted Trench coat – I don’t know why many Seattleites don’t use trench coats, even as it rains SO much here. Here is one that I am lusting after. Link – http://www.romwe.com/doublebreasted-skirt-hem-design-blue-trenchcoat-p-13706.html

One thought on “Web Style Review – romwe.com

  1. Wanna cancel your order? Don’t be deceived by Romwe. I couldn’t contact them on any of their contacts, phone, chat, facebook, email. Nada.
    I wanted to cancel, and messaged them a day after my order, and they respond on facebook the day they sent it, 3 days after I messaged them. WHY DID THEY EVEN WAIT TO READ IT?
    Considering most their tights and jewelry is on ebay for, ahem 80% off than their price. Bad customer service, share if you’d like. I had an awful time getting help.

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