Moto Boots

I have been eyeing Moto aka Biker boots for sooooo long. Finally, I got around to buying a pair, at work (guilty!).

Check these rag and none beauties out at

Now I am back at home, DREAMING about the various looks and clothing I will pair these with. Here are my top 5 picks –

1.  Simple Tee and Jeans Casual

A plain feminine sheer t shirt and classic sunglasses for the carefree and street chic look.

2. Soft and Hard

Gorgeous white flowing dress with moto boots. Oh, how love opposites coming together.


3. Summer causal

Denim cutouts with t-shirt. A little scarf and long cardigan action for the spring.

4.  Breezy skirt and pullover

Again a soft and hard combination. I know its a little similar to #2 but this one has a completely different and cutesy vibe to it.

5. Edgy career lady

Pair a tailored dress with moto boots for an edgy look. Minimal make up but soft feminine wave to complement your attire. Work appropriate too.

 Hope you liked my picks.



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