Shoes and Personality

Do you believe that shoes can tell about a person’s personality? I think so! But I think this article is SOOO lame! It’s one of those articles that make you scratch your head and say “do we really need a study for something so obvious?”

Examples of obvious stuff in the “study”:

Expensive shoes belonged to high earners, flashy and colorful footwear belonged to extroverts.

Not surprisingly, liberal thinkers, who many think of as flip-flop wearing hippies, wear shabbier and less expensive shoes.


Also, some of the things in the article were so WRONG!

Practical and functional shoes generally belong to agreeable people

I wear flats to work, mostly because I am too tall and I need to walk around between meetings a lot. Agreeable? Not sure 😉

People with “attachment anxiety” or people that were most worried about their relationships generally had brand new and well-kept shoes.

NOO!!! It’s all us women who love beautiful designs and styles who wear amazing and new shoes, to stay trendy!

Now if only University of Kansas will put their researchers to better and more useful work!

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