Web Review – Vintage Love @ shopruche

Time for another web fashion store review! This time is vintage loving at http://shopruche.com. Here are 5 things that are amazing about ruche:

  1. First of all, their vintage is ultra refined. I have to give it to them for amazing taste; that even I, as a non-vintage lover, appreciate.
  2. I know that its probably not a big deal to a lot, but I like a simple, non-flash, easy site to browse.
  3. Shipping is cheap! Its only $5 for less than $50 and free over $50.
  4. They have a bridal section, how amazing. I say “yes” to the bridemaid’s dresses that don’t break the budget, can be reused elsewhere, and are gorgeous!!!
  5. And they have shoes! What shopping can ever be complete without shoes to go with clothes and accessories.

As always, I have to include my Favorite Fives Pick too. Here you go!





That’s all! Thanks for reading. xx


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