Fashion Games

I am a big fan of mobile games. They help me take a mini-break and keep me entertained during long bus trips, flights and while reheating food in microwave. Haha!

I also love fashion and spotting trends and styles. Sadly, there are no great games that focus on Fashion. And I am not talking about stupid, kiddo Barbie dress up games.Don’t get me wrong, they have their place for teenagers and kids. But I don’t think game developers really focus on women and especially fashion.

Why do I say that?

  • Universal fact – women love shopping, they love looking good and they “compete”.  Perfect elements to engage them.
  • Fashion:Women :: Sports:Men. Even if love for sports doesn’t translate into money (well, merchandise, sports channel, fantasy etc aside). Love for fashion really translates into money and transactions easily.  It should be easy to make money off these games.

So what do women want from a fashion game?

  • Focus on latest runway fashion, designers and trends.
  • Targeted towards fashion-obsessed women aged 20-50.
  • Social! Yes, I want my friends to see my fashion high-score or hint to my bf on which chanel bag to “gift” me.
  • Be a part of fashion community.
  • Discover new trends, fashion and ideas.

Fashion Trivia Games!

You walk into a party and this chic says “I love your monolos”. You go “umm.. thanks but they are Badgley Mischka”. And now you get points for setting it straight!

Can you tell your Prada leather from Louis Vuitton? Can you tell the year that Chanel’s Paris-Bombay collection came out? Can you tell the name of the model on Vogue Italia March 2012?

Is yes, you get the “Eye for the Designer” badge! Challenge your friends with fashion trivia questions or get challenged! Spread the love with fashion community that you can access through the mobile game.

Trend Goggles

Put on your trend goggles and look out for daily challenges. Sporting a great color-block outfit? Take a self-pic and upload under “color block” trend. Have folks yay and nay (hopefully not) your outfit idea. Be an inspiration to others or draw inspirations from other people’s outfits. Get badges for the highest number of votes – “fashionista level 1-5”!


Start off with your choice of runway-worthy closet. Grow it in many ways – DIY and sell your handmade items or auction that Chanel vintage bag to buy 2 new louboutins instead. Barter and trade those Valentino dress that doesn’t fit anymore. Buy your social currency to acquire more Ferragamo goodness.

Quiztime – What would Chanel say?

I know, I know, it can totally be Chritistian Louboutin or Rachel Zoe or the Olsen twins instead of Chanel. But you know what, I am in love with Chanel. So I think I will base my example on her. 🙂

What would Chanel say for – “A tweed skirt for dinner”

  1. Only a grandma wears that
  2. Classy! Do it.
  3. Wear it only if it doesn’t show your knees. Knees are ugly.
  4. As long as it’s black and white.

What do you think Chanel will respond as? I am guessing (3). Hint – hint. I guess I am right, so 10 points to me!

Anyways, I would love to hear which kind of games would my fellow fashionistas love to play? Leave me a comment!!!!

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