Fash-preneurship and Fashion 2.0


noun – A person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, focused on fashion, usually with considerable initiative and risk.

Fash-preneurship is the new trend in the tech world these days. We are entering Fashion 2.0. New startups and websites are mushrooming all over the place – enabling flash sales, bringing high-end fashion closer to average buyers, fashion as a service. I wanted to continue a few of these trends and startups that have taken the leap into the fashion world!

Fashion As a Service (FAAS)

These sites allow users to pay a monthly subscription fee for good delivered monthly. Really good for forgetful men to stock up on “manly goods” once a month – http://www.manpacks.com/ (tagline: Manly goods. On a schedule, lol). There are a whole lot of sites focused on cosmetic samples – http://www.birchbox.com/. Great business; since in the olden days samples were free anyway, and now they can “charge” you a service fee.
But overall, I am not sure how well this goes. A bunch of shoe sites such as www.shoedazzle.com, www.justfab.com, www.solesociety.com started off as monthly services (you pay a subscription fee of $39 or $49 and you can select a shoe of your liking). But seems like they got significant customer feedback to make it pay-as-you-go instead.

Flash Sales Simplified

There are simply too many of these – covering various types of merchandise (kid fashion, women fashion, men fashion, only shoes, home décor). One can get lost in the sea of flash sale sites – www.gilt.com, www.ruelala.comwww.ideeli.com. Even big companies don’t want to be left behind and want to be a part of this “disruption” to the retail business. Amazon is diving into these with www.myhabit.com. So does Nordstrom with their www.hautelook.com and www.solesoceity.

Ps. While http://www.styloko.com/ isnt really a flash sale site, it helps you aggregate and follow your favorite brands.

Discover and Follow

I am in love with www.polyvore.com. It allows me to create looks and purchase items (link out to the web stores) to complete the look. I can also follow folks and check out their “looks”.  I had covered http://lookbook.nu/ earlier which bring all the fashion bloggers to one place and allows me to follow and discover new brands, trends and styles.

P2P networks

A LOT of startups and even existing established sites are going for online-marketplace enabling transactions between the customers (do we call this C2C? haha, new term for the B-school folks). Well, www.asos.com has a great marketplace while it sells new clothing. The http://www.99dresses.com/ allows women to exchange and barter.

PS. http://www.fashionsprout.com/ is close .. not quite C2C but connects indie designers to the customers. Hail the web for all this good-ness.

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