Lust List

Time for another lust list!!! I put together one together on Polyvore. How very easy!

#1 is a Tuxedo Jacket. Embracing the men-wear and also a take-2 on the structured jacket style. Perfect for a grungy or a classy or a chic look!  The picture is a Balmain but a wayyyy cheaper one is available at Zara for $90.

#2 is a metal belt. I have definitely blogged some pictures of looks with this belt but never really spoke about the belt itself. A golden plate belt is perfect for balancing out color blocking outfits. Combine it with any of the looks here. Seriously cheap ones are available at Ebay.

#3 I am pretty positive that this Shoemint neon pump is going to be my next purchase. Classy and only $80. Plus you can get a 50% discount by using the code “rachel50”.

#4 I recently snagged a similar jeans from Nordstrom. And it was cheap – $45!!! And its gorgeous. Also combined with a loose luxurious red tee and boots.

#5 To convert any outfit from day to night, the simple trick is to add a lot of metal jewelry, especially if you like the grungy look like I do!

That’s all the lusting for now. Bonus coming = lusting materializing.

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