Things to steal from BF closet

There is something about men’s stuff that’s so comfortable. The cuts and fit are so relaxed plus it’s a good change from your regular girlie stuff. I put together this list of things you can steal from your BF’s closet and still be fashionable! Best of both worlds, isn’t it?


A good fedora hat can top off any outfit and add effortless cool. Whether you decide to rock it with jeans, sporty skirt or winter layering, fedora makes it easy!

Boyfriend White Shirt

OOH this one my most favorite snag from his wardrobe. A loose fitted white boyfriend shirt. Again, perfct with skirts or jeans and easy to create soft+hard look. For additional cool-points, knot the bottom of the shirt and combine with cutoff high-waisted shorts!

Boyfriend Tie

To add that extra punch to my menswear, I love to sport a tie once in a while. And what better source of ties but boyfriend’s closet! They look oh-so-chic to work. Try them out one of these Fridays! (I like to do my “Fashion-Fridays’ where I like to sport tallest heels, ties, and other fun stuff at work. Haha).

Boyfriend oversized jackets

While boyfriend blazers have become pretty commonplace already, the new wave is to style any boyfriend jacket as an oversized jacket especially while layering over other clothing. Peeerfect for fall and winter. See a few examples below:

Boyfriend blazer and jeans

Already famous and “done” boyfriend clothing pieces – classic and live-in-worthy. No introductions and ideas needed!

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