Fashion-Tech de jour – Nuji

Recently I stumbled upon Nuji describe themselves as “your social wish list”. You can save online products, follow friends / people and get loyalty rewards etc. from retailers.
Nuji joins the long list of social clipboards/ wishlists/ shopping startups. Can it make it’s mark? Will it stick?

Here is my personal experience with the site. The positives first:

  1. They promise exclusive rewards from the brands. Seems like I have “unlock” them, so there is work involved. But hey, I like getting rewarded!
  2. They have a simple “tag in Nuji” add-in and it’s super convenient and well designed. Good jobs ya!

Now here is what I don’t like:

  1. First and foremost, I hate it when sites require me to sign-in with Facebook and “force” me to share all my information, access my friends. A sign-up option without having to give in my Facebook information, will be great.
  2. I already follow my favorite brands on FB and Twitter. Nuji gives me a neat way to follow brands too. But what’s the differentiation? It is a lot of effort to replicate all my follow-ships. Do I need to? Will it offer something better?
  3. I like social shopping and I like sharing products I like. But Nuji, not so much. UX designs is boring. There is too much white space and too little focus on the products themselves. It’s not as exciting as some of the other places.
  4. Here is me on Nuji. Apparently, I am following 74 folks and 24 follow me. I have no idea where those people came from but it sure looks like I am active and stuff. So this is pretty fake. On top of that, they have a new bot follow me every day that sends me an email as a “re-engagement trick”. Fake again. But then, these are just a few things startups do to get off the ground. So I am willing to cut them some slack for this.

Overall verdict – I think it’s nice but I don’t see why, in a world of Pinterest,, Polyvore etc. sites, I would use Nuji. Not in its current form. Some things that can help –

  1. Better sharing options. Right now, there is an all or nothing sharing with Facebook. I chose “only me” as the sharing option, and now there is no way to share selectively.
  2. A better user experience. Make me WANT to stay on your site by offering a compelling experience which differentiates itself from other sites (i.e. the brand site). Add commentary, stories, expert opinions etc.
  3. A better incentive to follow brands. Also, am I going to get better offers and deals on brands compared to those on twitter and Facebook fan pages?
  4. A real incentive to stay. There is a promise to be able to “unlock” rewards, but I need a real taste of things. Right now, all that seems rather “faked” up.
  5. A compelling mobile app. Something that would let’s me add to my list through mobile phone while shopping etc.

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