Review de jour – Fashionoko

Recently I got a really exciting follow on my twitter account! What a cute name, eh? So I decided to give them a try and review them here.

Fashionoko is an online marketplace for folks to buy and sell their clothing and accessories. So sort of like craigslist for fashion, but better. How better, you ask. Here is how:

  1. First of all, I always wanted to have such a service. Like all the girls, there are a few pieces that I would like to get rid of, even though they are in great condition. I don’t mind acquiring some old All Saints pieces that I missed or vintage stuff. Ebay and CL etc. have never cut it for me, they seem overly crowded and full of unfashionable stuff. Fashionoko seems much better since it specifically seems to (and successfully so) targets fashionable folks.
  2. They have the basics right – I like the user experience design, easy to filter and narrow down stuff. They have a tie up to use PayPal and it seems pretty solid and reliable. Love the simple experience for putting items up for sale also.
  3. Lastly, they seems to create and curate this community of fashion folks around sales and exchange. You can follow folks (not a new things but well executed). Check out the Fashion Lovers – It’s a great idea although doesn’t seem to have taken off quite yet.

So in a nutshell, Fashionoko has found the right balance and focus on the fashion-resale market.

Here is my mini-wishlist, however:

  1. They seem to be UK based and all the prices are in pounds as well. This makes me uncertain about using the site. International shipping seems to be missing.
  2. The fashion community aspect has a lot of room for growth – they need to feature folks that actually have an active profile. That can be done by targeting fashion bloggers, real active users and featuring them.

But overall, a very credible fashion resale site with a lot of promise. Give it a shot!

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