Mobile Shopping App – Swirl

Finally, someone realized the mobile opportunity for fashion and shopping! I tried out Swirl on iPhone and it’s amazing. It’s a perfect shopping companion. I was really getting tired of the number of sites that have cropped up recently and are trying to be your shopping companion. And Swirl is the only one that I can take with me, since it’s on my phone and it’s awesome. I am so shocked Polyvore doesn’t have a mobile app or a site designed for mobile-use.

So what’s so great about Swirl? As a shopper, here are the few things I care about:

  1. Where are the cool stores around me?
  2. Do they have sale?
  3. Where are the best sales around me?
  4. What about my favorite stores?
  5. Do they have sale?
  6. What’s new with them?
  7. What’s new and hot, in general?

Swirl can answer *all* my questions! How awesome is that. Plus it’s a well-designed beautiful app. Here are a few cute screenshots:



Like all good things, there is still a tiny room for improvement. Here is my wish-list for Swirl for the future though –

  1. Please add local boutiques! That would be the ultimate coolest thing ever!
  2. Let me follow specific items and notify me when there is a sale or it’s available in my size.

So check it out ladies! (btw, also check out the ShopStyle app on iPhone too! It’s pretty cool. But my heart is kinda set on Swirl!)

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