Baggage Claim

Winter is the season for bags! While most of sexy clothes are covered under those dark coats and feel with boot, bags are a perfect way to accessorize and add that color to the outfit. As always, I have a looong lust list – I love bags (well, who doesn’t). Sharing makes the pain easy to bear, so here I am … sharing my lust-list for winter bags (yes, some of these bags are from older seasons, but what to do).

Celine bag

This has to be my favorite shade of blue! Pop of color for all those greys, browns, black and beiges.

Alexander Wang Emile Bag

So, I would like to pretty much own everything from Alexander Wang, in general. But for now, I will settle with the Emile bag. And I am not even picky, a lizard, or leopard skin or any other calf hair bag will do. So accommodating, ain’t I.

Alexander Wang Rocco Bag

Yes, yes, again AW. The beautiful and not-so-fussy bag. Perfect for traveling or a day out in the town. I checked it out in our local Barney’s and the leather felt to nice and soft. And if you catch the Olsens wearing it, means it’s a must-have!

Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha

A casual jeans, oversized sweater with boots and this cross body bag. Perfect street style!

Chanel Bag

A girl must definitely have one but yet never have enough – I think I can use a black one too, esp. in patent (for a modern touch)

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