Polyvore app is here!

All you Polyvore lovers – the app is here and it’s pretty beautiful too. You might remember my Swirl app review where I wondered about why Polyvore doesn’t have a kick-ass app (just as the kick-ass website), well, they listened (or well, it was in their pipeline).

So here is how I would summarize it:

  1. Browse the latest looks for quick inspiration on the go!
  2. Access your looks – this will help you bigtime when you are shopping to complete an outfit!!!!

  3. Check out specific pieces and whether there is another store it’s on sale at!

You can even create new looks but I won’t likely do that on iphone.. it takes way longer. I might do that on my ipad.. but I still greatly prefer my laptop for this!

I love it coz I love Polyvore! But it will still not replace Swirl as my favorite shopping app – although they both complement each other soo well!

What do you guys think? What is your favorite shopping app?

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