Spring errrmm Winter-Cleaning

Not that it’s a new year’s resolution; since those are always destined to fail, as per my experience; I recently decided on:

Quality over Quantity

Meaning no more collecting 100 shoes and handbags but having a few chosen ones that are beautiful! It’s going to be hard to pass on some trends and street-wear, but I think it will help my closet organization. Plus I will get to “invest” in more Alexander Wangs, Celines and those Marc Jacobs!

So how do I plan to do this? Well, I am still figuring it out but here is where I started:

Winter Cleaning

  1. Online reselling stores

    To sell all those precious little bags and shoes that still have a lot of value. Remember to take a lot of pictures, bear in mind the fee and shipping costs! And try: Ebay.

  2. Used clothing stores

    This is where I expect small $$ for my items and don’t have to go through the hassle of taking pictures and uploading. I stayed away from consignment stores – mainly because, the ones in my area are horrible, I wonder if they are really able to sell anything. Plus they don’t give you $$ back immediately. I don’t want the items to display 6 months and come back to me again. So I prefer selling even if it brings less $$. Buffalo clothing exchange or local used clothing stores are the best!

  3. Give away

    I looked for 401c3 status non-profit organizations to donate my clothes to. At first I realized there are a ton of stops near grocery stores like Safeway that take donated items but on a closer look, I found that they aren’t non-profit. Seriously, if I am giving my stuff up, I want it to go to folks in need (and not to mention tax benefits for donation to non-profit organizations). Also realized that fire-stations take a few of these too and they more than needs it!

So that’s that – I hope to have a smaller wardrobe that I really love very soon!! xx


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