App Review – Poshmark

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am downsizing my closet to keep only the things I love and actually wear. I got a new companion to help me do that even easier. It’s an app called Poshmark and I absolutely love it!!!

Poshmark is a mobile marketplace where you can do a lot!

1. Post your items for sale and its real simple! Just click a few pictures, add some simple description and add a price. Poshmark takes care of shipping and charges the buyer a shipping fee between $5.50 to 7.00. The catch here is – they take 20% of the sale value, so keep that in mind. You can hook up you paypal or use some other options that are made available. Here is how my sale closet looks like. Feel free to add me @nemon to message me or buy any of these items if they are still available!!

2. Poshmark is super social and you can follow/by from other fashionistas to see what their closets look like. And of course, you can bookmark (by “liking”) or buy anything they have available.Interaction and conversations are super simple on Poshmark! It’s so much easier than Ebay’s auction based purchase that causes FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) or Craigslist (super shady sometimes) and I feel more connected compared to Asos marketplace which is web only and doesn’t promote interaction and communication.

3. Party it up – frankly speaking, I don’t understand the party concepts fully but seems like members can host parties and invite friends around certain theme. The themes can be a brand name like Coach/ Michael Kors or a style like glam/ sequins or type of merchandise like handbags/ accessories etc. super useful if you had something specific in mind (even as their filters and search is super good, even otherwise). Parties create a positive hype and make the app “always alive” and “happening”.