Style Stalking – Jessica Biel

It’s super hard to go wrong with anything if you are as beautiful and hot as Jessica Biel. But then the girl’s got style, class and versatility. Her look is always upto date and on the trend. Here are some of my favorite looks peppered with my suggestions. 🙂

High rise pants (especially hot if they are cropped) with a neutral blouse. Beach waves to keep it casual.

Yes, there is no going-overboard-with-studs. Feminine sparkly top with the hard biker jacket and leather pants. For mortals like us, I would tone it down a bit.

A simple jersey maxi dress is universally flattering and a great style for traveling.

A mid-length dress with feather peplum to create a hourglass bombshell look. Can ever go wrong with neutrals and pop of colors with the shoes.

Elbow length blouses are back in fashion and so are ankle length jeans. Tuck them in, add a belt and heels for a polished look.


Zara is killing it

Zara is killing me. First their gorgeous skirt which I *had* to buy.

And then with amazing color blocking shoes. Chunky heels are my latest faves. Afterall, they are so comfortable (I know, I know, probably that makes me a grandma.. asking for comfort).  They are also perfffeeect for a day to night look. A floral skirt, white tuxedo jacket will go perfect. And so will black skinny jeans and corset?

Back from Europe and have a Neon Fever

Just back from my Europe trip.. soooo inspired. I have to be honest – while USA has a laid back style and amazing laid back and fashionable brands. Europe just takes the cake for street fashion.

I would love to do a trip report … the trends that were apparent – mint everywhere, hi-lo skirts, pastel denim and NEON! Neon is was everywhere. But people got to be creative and add just the right amount – to avoid running into neon overdose. Here are some ways:

  1. Skinny neon belt – no one can ever go wrong with this one!  A skinny neon belt will add a punch to both neutral or color blocking outfits
  2. Neon shoes with neutral outfit – this has to be my favorite way of wearing neon. A neural outfit with popping neon shoes.
  3. Basic neon dress – the key here is that dress has to be basic and not too complicated. Otherwise there is a danger of looking like a weirdo.
  4. Neon handbag – this one is so easy! Use neon accessories to add a kick.
  5. Neon nails – if you are the kind who wants to rock the trend at your own pace or be work appropriate, a neon nail polish is perfect way to start. Personally rocking neon pink nails and loving it!

2AM Lust List

It’s 2:20am. I should be hitting the sack but I am surfing online. There are a bunch of things I need, or well, “want”.  Here goes my 2AM lust list –

1. Hunter Rubber boots.. I live in Seattle, the rainy city. I still can’t believe that I dont own rainboots. I am totally lusting after the green Hunters. Bad-ass military green and rubber.

2. While I have a bunch of color demin, its mostly the winter flavor. Dark! I can definitely use some pastle shaeds. There are a bunch I *love* at Guess.

3. Nars has always been my choice of cosmetics esp. for lip colors. The angelique pink is like prrrfect for the summer.

4. I know I over-do polka dot stuff, its so cute afterall. Here is another addition – Cute high waisted polka dot shorts (esp if it comes with that waist..) .

5. It’s a shame I didnt end up picking this skirt when I was in NYC.. sadly Seattle has no Zara stores.

Color me Block!

One of my favorite trends in the recent time is the Color-Block trend. I love the fact that it entails bright colors in bold combinations. Not shying away and hiding under blacks, browns, whites, neutrals.

Here are my favorite color combinations.

Some tips on how to rock this trend:

1. Dont be afraid and experiment. Orange/Purple, Yellow/Blue, Green/Blue, Pink/Yellow, Pink/ Orange… the possibilities are endless.

2. Try the trend wiht a golden or silver accessories (depending on whether you are going for cool or warm tones).

3. If you are new to this, start off with 2 or 3 bold color. You can never go wrong with that.

4. It’s not just about the clothes. A great shoe or a bag will add spark to a plain outfit.

5. Remember to have fun. That’s the most important thing.

One Shoe and Five Looks

Like any girl, I love shoes. And my current favorite shoe is Maggie from Sole Society.  A classic pump with a chunky heel which provides a lot of stability. And its so versatile. Check out the various ways it can be styled in.