Falling for the combat shoes

Fell hard for the combat shoes this fall. Comfortable, practical and tough – not the adjectives I thought I would use for shoes that I love. But they are all that and more.

Whether you wear them with bf/ skinny jeans, leggings or dress with a leather or military style jacket or shorts with a tee and scarf or just a smock – combat shoes can complete the look.

Here are my favorite brands – All Saints Jeffrey Campbell, Kelsi Dagger or Steve Madden. Add a studded one for extra edge. Happy fall-ing!


Celebrity style crush – Victoria Beckham

I seldom like celebrities-turned-designers but Victoria Beckham just might be an exception. I love that she has a specific and distinctive perspective and it looks fabulous on her. Things that I started especially appreciating because of her:

Neutral colors like heather grey


Pencil skirts, mid-length


Men inspired, shirt dresses (and perfect with nude pumps)


Fuller skirts, styled in not-so-girlie fashion, LOVE!


Structured clothing, especially exaggerated shoulders!


Special mention for coated demin and suede/satin collars – always loved it and she is great at styling it!

Now only if she will go easy on her tan!

Style Stalking – Jessica Biel

It’s super hard to go wrong with anything if you are as beautiful and hot as Jessica Biel. But then the girl’s got style, class and versatility. Her look is always upto date and on the trend. Here are some of my favorite looks peppered with my suggestions. 🙂

High rise pants (especially hot if they are cropped) with a neutral blouse. Beach waves to keep it casual.

Yes, there is no going-overboard-with-studs. Feminine sparkly top with the hard biker jacket and leather pants. For mortals like us, I would tone it down a bit.

A simple jersey maxi dress is universally flattering and a great style for traveling.

A mid-length dress with feather peplum to create a hourglass bombshell look. Can ever go wrong with neutrals and pop of colors with the shoes.

Elbow length blouses are back in fashion and so are ankle length jeans. Tuck them in, add a belt and heels for a polished look.

My latest photshoot!

I am soooo shy that I have never posted a picture of myself on this blog. There is always a first and this is it for me. I recently did a photo-shoot with a couple of very talented friends. I always wanted to do a theme with weakness-finds-strength story and the whole soft-meets-hard and frail-becomes-forte. There are some other pictures that bring the point across better and the one below was just a fun experimental one. But I love it! And it is also one of my most favorite outfit… combined with moto-boots.

Graphic t-shirt – All saints, old [similar], skinny in burgundy also from All Saints, old [similar]. Accessories – not much. Just a fake stitch mark (hand drawn). Lol.

Moi Back

It’s been a while since I blogged. Wish I could say I was busy with work, or traveling or living under a rock with no internet connection. But none of this is really true. I was just being lazy. While on my mini-break, I acquired a few of my latest heart-throb pieces.

Got myself a beautiful Helmut Lang dress here. Oh how I like the ultimate cool yet feminine style. ❤ ❤ ❤

And what better shoe to go with a cool yet edgy look –

I cannot wait to post a picture of this outfit on me soon!

Peplum Obsessed

I went on a massive peplum shopping trip and bought 3 peplum tops on the same day! Too much! Now I am praying that peplum stays trendy for a long long time. But then – it gives such a classy and polished look. It is also very flattering on all figures and created a perfect hourglass shape. So well, I don’t feel as bad.

Now that I have so many peplum tops, I need to figure out various ways to wear it out. Here are 3 that created on polyvore.

These is a fall/summer look and features my latest bag-crush. The bag is here – http://www.celine.com/en/collection/fall/leather-goods/trapeze/9 and no longer available anywhere. But I will keep looking!!!

The second look is causal work appropriate (I do work in a tech firm so denim is totally fine for me). Add a neon pump and Chanel and it’s perfect for happy hour after work too! To add the man-wear trend, feel free to exchange the jeans for a boyfriend jeans.

This is a night-out-in-the-town look. Perfect with my latest love aka tie-dye jeans. And featuring my shoe-crush – the French bootie. So in love. Add neck pieces for a fun look.

Hope you liked these all! If there is another great peplum idea, send/ tweet it my way. I will add it to this list. Thanks for reading.


Style inspirations

I had blogged about the glorious and super-hot black and white tie-dye jeans. Still cannot get over how amazing that jeans is. It’s partly to do with the fit – I wish I had picked up more than one pair.

Anyway, I continue to search for creative ways to wear it. Here are some inspirations that I landed one –

The expected

I will start off with the one that’s expected – edgy, super edgy. All leathered up with a black tee and tie-dye jeans. This is a really old look, possibly from 2009 and Victoria looks great as always.

Edgy yet work approp

It’s impossible to not have a slightly edgy look with this kind of a jeans, but it’s a great idea to soften it with flowy shirt and lady-like pumps for a work-approp look. This is a look from chictopia. Great inspiration from Jamie of http://www.thefancyteacup.blogspot.com/

Splash of color

This is my all-time favorite styling technique of all times! I love the look featured in this blog. Thanks for the inspiration!

Polished edge

Adding structured jacket (especially a white one) cleans it up pretty well. I would take the chains away and then it’s even appropriate for a casual work day at a creative place.

Causal Tomboy

I think this is going to be my go-to look. Super comfortable. Combine the jeans with an oversized (boyfriend?) tee and booties.