Tuck that Tuxedo!

I saw this picture and this Haute Hippie dress swept me off my feet and trust me, I don’t say that very often (and I typically didn’t even love haute hippie brand that much). Haute hippie tuxedo dress was immediately part of my lust-list. Find the dress here and native fox’s blog here.

Polished, structures, modern, minimalist and chic. This dress is all that and MORE!

Love how she styled it here (and of course the fact that she used Alexander Wang shoes and Celine bag – 2 of my most favorite brands). Another great look from blogger from Song of Style.

Others in the same league – also by my favorite designers – Victoria Beckham and 3.1 Phillip Lim.

So Haute Hippie dress and those by Victoria Beckham, 3.1 Phillip Lim which are at a $700 price tag which is rather steep. I researched into a couple of more affordable options here is what I found.

Rihanna for River Island here with or without sleeves.


I am back and a new crush and lust list!

Oh my, that was a long hiatus. I started a new job. Left Microsoft to join a gaming company and it has been a fun ride so far! Spent close to 2 months in San Francisco living out of a hotel and soooo good to be back home, and writing!

Anyways, time to talk about my new online-shopping crush! Few months ago, I discovered Mikkat Market on Refinery29 and back then, I found the collection too small for my liking. Recently, I checked on them again and man, I am in love. Katherine personally hand-picks the clothes (and models?) and it shows. No commercial crap but very selected beautiful designs that are both classic, chic and youthful!

Here is my lust-list!

Cutest faux leather shorts in the most beautiful color – http://www.mikkatmarket.com/product/high-waist-faux-leather-shorts-burgundy

How I wish this was available in my size? Classy navy mixed with black leather – I love mixed media! http://www.mikkatmarket.com/product/navy-high-waist-ribbon-skirt

Silk, stripes and style – http://www.mikkatmarket.com/product/silk-asymmetric-stripe-top

Summery and lady-like top – perfect for showing those shoulders! http://www.mikkatmarket.com/product/printed-cut-out-shoulder-blouse

And maxi dress to complete the summer look – http://www.mikkatmarket.com/product/tie-dye-uneven-maxi-dress

Bow Down!

Bought bow-ties for the most important man in my life and he was surprised when I asked him to wear it to work for fun today (we work for geeky, techie companies btw, so you get an idea). And he was like – “it’s way too formal”. So I decided to do a post for all of you guys, who think bow-ties are for boring formal special occasions. NO, that’s not true. Here are some of my favorite looks with bow-ties.

Keep it classy with a bowtie and jacket – perfect evening dinner, party wear!

Keeping it even more casual with a military styled jacket and check-shirt! Perfect for anything!

And who says that you actually have to tie the bow-tie!!!!

More inspiration!!!

If all else fails, girls, take over the bow tie!!!





Baggage Claim

Winter is the season for bags! While most of sexy clothes are covered under those dark coats and feel with boot, bags are a perfect way to accessorize and add that color to the outfit. As always, I have a looong lust list – I love bags (well, who doesn’t). Sharing makes the pain easy to bear, so here I am … sharing my lust-list for winter bags (yes, some of these bags are from older seasons, but what to do).

Celine bag

This has to be my favorite shade of blue! Pop of color for all those greys, browns, black and beiges.

Alexander Wang Emile Bag

So, I would like to pretty much own everything from Alexander Wang, in general. But for now, I will settle with the Emile bag. And I am not even picky, a lizard, or leopard skin or any other calf hair bag will do. So accommodating, ain’t I.

Alexander Wang Rocco Bag

Yes, yes, again AW. The beautiful and not-so-fussy bag. Perfect for traveling or a day out in the town. I checked it out in our local Barney’s and the leather felt to nice and soft. And if you catch the Olsens wearing it, means it’s a must-have!

Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha

A casual jeans, oversized sweater with boots and this cross body bag. Perfect street style!

Chanel Bag

A girl must definitely have one but yet never have enough – I think I can use a black one too, esp. in patent (for a modern touch)

Celebrity style crush – Victoria Beckham

I seldom like celebrities-turned-designers but Victoria Beckham just might be an exception. I love that she has a specific and distinctive perspective and it looks fabulous on her. Things that I started especially appreciating because of her:

Neutral colors like heather grey


Pencil skirts, mid-length


Men inspired, shirt dresses (and perfect with nude pumps)


Fuller skirts, styled in not-so-girlie fashion, LOVE!


Structured clothing, especially exaggerated shoulders!


Special mention for coated demin and suede/satin collars – always loved it and she is great at styling it!

Now only if she will go easy on her tan!

Style Stalking – Jessica Biel

It’s super hard to go wrong with anything if you are as beautiful and hot as Jessica Biel. But then the girl’s got style, class and versatility. Her look is always upto date and on the trend. Here are some of my favorite looks peppered with my suggestions. 🙂

High rise pants (especially hot if they are cropped) with a neutral blouse. Beach waves to keep it casual.

Yes, there is no going-overboard-with-studs. Feminine sparkly top with the hard biker jacket and leather pants. For mortals like us, I would tone it down a bit.

A simple jersey maxi dress is universally flattering and a great style for traveling.

A mid-length dress with feather peplum to create a hourglass bombshell look. Can ever go wrong with neutrals and pop of colors with the shoes.

Elbow length blouses are back in fashion and so are ankle length jeans. Tuck them in, add a belt and heels for a polished look.

Moi Back

It’s been a while since I blogged. Wish I could say I was busy with work, or traveling or living under a rock with no internet connection. But none of this is really true. I was just being lazy. While on my mini-break, I acquired a few of my latest heart-throb pieces.

Got myself a beautiful Helmut Lang dress here. Oh how I like the ultimate cool yet feminine style. ❤ ❤ ❤

And what better shoe to go with a cool yet edgy look –

I cannot wait to post a picture of this outfit on me soon!