I am back and a new crush and lust list!

Oh my, that was a long hiatus. I started a new job. Left Microsoft to join a gaming company and it has been a fun ride so far! Spent close to 2 months in San Francisco living out of a hotel and soooo good to be back home, and writing!

Anyways, time to talk about my new online-shopping crush! Few months ago, I discovered Mikkat Market on Refinery29 and back then, I found the collection too small for my liking. Recently, I checked on them again and man, I am in love. Katherine personally hand-picks the clothes (and models?) and it shows. No commercial crap but very selected beautiful designs that are both classic, chic and youthful!

Here is my lust-list!

Cutest faux leather shorts in the most beautiful color – http://www.mikkatmarket.com/product/high-waist-faux-leather-shorts-burgundy

How I wish this was available in my size? Classy navy mixed with black leather – I love mixed media! http://www.mikkatmarket.com/product/navy-high-waist-ribbon-skirt

Silk, stripes and style – http://www.mikkatmarket.com/product/silk-asymmetric-stripe-top

Summery and lady-like top – perfect for showing those shoulders! http://www.mikkatmarket.com/product/printed-cut-out-shoulder-blouse

And maxi dress to complete the summer look – http://www.mikkatmarket.com/product/tie-dye-uneven-maxi-dress


App Review – Poshmark

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am downsizing my closet to keep only the things I love and actually wear. I got a new companion to help me do that even easier. It’s an app called Poshmark and I absolutely love it!!!

Poshmark is a mobile marketplace where you can do a lot!

1. Post your items for sale and its real simple! Just click a few pictures, add some simple description and add a price. Poshmark takes care of shipping and charges the buyer a shipping fee between $5.50 to 7.00. The catch here is – they take 20% of the sale value, so keep that in mind. You can hook up you paypal or use some other options that are made available. Here is how my sale closet looks like. Feel free to add me @nemon to message me or buy any of these items if they are still available!!

2. Poshmark is super social and you can follow/by from other fashionistas to see what their closets look like. And of course, you can bookmark (by “liking”) or buy anything they have available.Interaction and conversations are super simple on Poshmark! It’s so much easier than Ebay’s auction based purchase that causes FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) or Craigslist (super shady sometimes) and I feel more connected compared to Asos marketplace which is web only and doesn’t promote interaction and communication.

3. Party it up – frankly speaking, I don’t understand the party concepts fully but seems like members can host parties and invite friends around certain theme. The themes can be a brand name like Coach/ Michael Kors or a style like glam/ sequins or type of merchandise like handbags/ accessories etc. super useful if you had something specific in mind (even as their filters and search is super good, even otherwise). Parties create a positive hype and make the app “always alive” and “happening”.

Polyvore app is here!

All you Polyvore lovers – the app is here and it’s pretty beautiful too. You might remember my Swirl app review where I wondered about why Polyvore doesn’t have a kick-ass app (just as the kick-ass website), well, they listened (or well, it was in their pipeline).

So here is how I would summarize it:

  1. Browse the latest looks for quick inspiration on the go!
  2. Access your looks – this will help you bigtime when you are shopping to complete an outfit!!!!

  3. Check out specific pieces and whether there is another store it’s on sale at!

You can even create new looks but I won’t likely do that on iphone.. it takes way longer. I might do that on my ipad.. but I still greatly prefer my laptop for this!

I love it coz I love Polyvore! But it will still not replace Swirl as my favorite shopping app – although they both complement each other soo well!

What do you guys think? What is your favorite shopping app?

Mobile Shopping App – Swirl

Finally, someone realized the mobile opportunity for fashion and shopping! I tried out Swirl on iPhone and it’s amazing. It’s a perfect shopping companion. I was really getting tired of the number of sites that have cropped up recently and are trying to be your shopping companion. And Swirl is the only one that I can take with me, since it’s on my phone and it’s awesome. I am so shocked Polyvore doesn’t have a mobile app or a site designed for mobile-use.

So what’s so great about Swirl? As a shopper, here are the few things I care about:

  1. Where are the cool stores around me?
  2. Do they have sale?
  3. Where are the best sales around me?
  4. What about my favorite stores?
  5. Do they have sale?
  6. What’s new with them?
  7. What’s new and hot, in general?

Swirl can answer *all* my questions! How awesome is that. Plus it’s a well-designed beautiful app. Here are a few cute screenshots:



Like all good things, there is still a tiny room for improvement. Here is my wish-list for Swirl for the future though –

  1. Please add local boutiques! That would be the ultimate coolest thing ever!
  2. Let me follow specific items and notify me when there is a sale or it’s available in my size.

So check it out ladies! (btw, also check out the ShopStyle app on iPhone too! It’s pretty cool. But my heart is kinda set on Swirl!)

Fashion startup – Lyst

Haven’t we all heard this before –

  • Get personalized shopping.
  • Let us tell you what’s trending these days.
  • Follow fashionable folks and get their picks.

Like many startups, Lyst does this too but man, it does it *very well*. With carefully picked out look books, designs and bloggers to follow, it’s a fun place to hang out. You can always view all the trending items and sales in one place. But I have to say, in a crowded space with ShopStyle, Polyvore, Lyst isn’t going to be my go-to place for shopping and hanging out. What do you guys think?

Style Stalking – Jessica Biel

It’s super hard to go wrong with anything if you are as beautiful and hot as Jessica Biel. But then the girl’s got style, class and versatility. Her look is always upto date and on the trend. Here are some of my favorite looks peppered with my suggestions. 🙂

High rise pants (especially hot if they are cropped) with a neutral blouse. Beach waves to keep it casual.

Yes, there is no going-overboard-with-studs. Feminine sparkly top with the hard biker jacket and leather pants. For mortals like us, I would tone it down a bit.

A simple jersey maxi dress is universally flattering and a great style for traveling.

A mid-length dress with feather peplum to create a hourglass bombshell look. Can ever go wrong with neutrals and pop of colors with the shoes.

Elbow length blouses are back in fashion and so are ankle length jeans. Tuck them in, add a belt and heels for a polished look.

Review de jour – Fashionoko

Recently I got a really exciting follow on my twitter account Fashionoko.com! What a cute name, eh? So I decided to give them a try and review them here.

Fashionoko is an online marketplace for folks to buy and sell their clothing and accessories. So sort of like craigslist for fashion, but better. How better, you ask. Here is how:

  1. First of all, I always wanted to have such a service. Like all the girls, there are a few pieces that I would like to get rid of, even though they are in great condition. I don’t mind acquiring some old All Saints pieces that I missed or vintage stuff. Ebay and CL etc. have never cut it for me, they seem overly crowded and full of unfashionable stuff. Fashionoko seems much better since it specifically seems to (and successfully so) targets fashionable folks.
  2. They have the basics right – I like the user experience design, easy to filter and narrow down stuff. They have a tie up to use PayPal and it seems pretty solid and reliable. Love the simple experience for putting items up for sale also.
  3. Lastly, they seems to create and curate this community of fashion folks around sales and exchange. You can follow folks (not a new things but well executed). Check out the Fashion Lovers – http://www.fashionoko.com/Community/FashionLovers. It’s a great idea although doesn’t seem to have taken off quite yet.

So in a nutshell, Fashionoko has found the right balance and focus on the fashion-resale market.

Here is my mini-wishlist, however:

  1. They seem to be UK based and all the prices are in pounds as well. This makes me uncertain about using the site. International shipping seems to be missing.
  2. The fashion community aspect has a lot of room for growth – they need to feature folks that actually have an active profile. That can be done by targeting fashion bloggers, real active users and featuring them.

But overall, a very credible fashion resale site with a lot of promise. Give it a shot!