Falling for the combat shoes

Fell hard for the combat shoes this fall. Comfortable, practical and tough – not the adjectives I thought I would use for shoes that I love. But they are all that and more.

Whether you wear them with bf/ skinny jeans, leggings or dress with a leather or military style jacket or shorts with a tee and scarf or just a smock – combat shoes can complete the look.

Here are my favorite brands – All Saints Jeffrey Campbell, Kelsi Dagger or Steve Madden. Add a studded one for extra edge. Happy fall-ing!


Celebrity style crush – Victoria Beckham

I seldom like celebrities-turned-designers but Victoria Beckham just might be an exception. I love that she has a specific and distinctive perspective and it looks fabulous on her. Things that I started especially appreciating because of her:

Neutral colors like heather grey


Pencil skirts, mid-length


Men inspired, shirt dresses (and perfect with nude pumps)


Fuller skirts, styled in not-so-girlie fashion, LOVE!


Structured clothing, especially exaggerated shoulders!


Special mention for coated demin and suede/satin collars – always loved it and she is great at styling it!

Now only if she will go easy on her tan!

My latest photshoot!

I am soooo shy that I have never posted a picture of myself on this blog. There is always a first and this is it for me. I recently did a photo-shoot with a couple of very talented friends. I always wanted to do a theme with weakness-finds-strength story and the whole soft-meets-hard and frail-becomes-forte. There are some other pictures that bring the point across better and the one below was just a fun experimental one. But I love it! And it is also one of my most favorite outfit… combined with moto-boots.

Graphic t-shirt – All saints, old [similar], skinny in burgundy also from All Saints, old [similar]. Accessories – not much. Just a fake stitch mark (hand drawn). Lol.

Moi Back

It’s been a while since I blogged. Wish I could say I was busy with work, or traveling or living under a rock with no internet connection. But none of this is really true. I was just being lazy. While on my mini-break, I acquired a few of my latest heart-throb pieces.

Got myself a beautiful Helmut Lang dress here. Oh how I like the ultimate cool yet feminine style. ❤ ❤ ❤

And what better shoe to go with a cool yet edgy look –

I cannot wait to post a picture of this outfit on me soon!

Style inspirations

I had blogged about the glorious and super-hot black and white tie-dye jeans. Still cannot get over how amazing that jeans is. It’s partly to do with the fit – I wish I had picked up more than one pair.

Anyway, I continue to search for creative ways to wear it. Here are some inspirations that I landed one –

The expected

I will start off with the one that’s expected – edgy, super edgy. All leathered up with a black tee and tie-dye jeans. This is a really old look, possibly from 2009 and Victoria looks great as always.

Edgy yet work approp

It’s impossible to not have a slightly edgy look with this kind of a jeans, but it’s a great idea to soften it with flowy shirt and lady-like pumps for a work-approp look. This is a look from chictopia. Great inspiration from Jamie of http://www.thefancyteacup.blogspot.com/

Splash of color

This is my all-time favorite styling technique of all times! I love the look featured in this blog. Thanks for the inspiration!

Polished edge

Adding structured jacket (especially a white one) cleans it up pretty well. I would take the chains away and then it’s even appropriate for a casual work day at a creative place.

Causal Tomboy

I think this is going to be my go-to look. Super comfortable. Combine the jeans with an oversized (boyfriend?) tee and booties.