Falling for the combat shoes

Fell hard for the combat shoes this fall. Comfortable, practical and tough – not the adjectives I thought I would use for shoes that I love. But they are all that and more.

Whether you wear them with bf/ skinny jeans, leggings or dress with a leather or military style jacket or shorts with a tee and scarf or just a smock – combat shoes can complete the look.

Here are my favorite brands – All Saints Jeffrey Campbell, Kelsi Dagger or Steve Madden. Add a studded one for extra edge. Happy fall-ing!


I am back and a new crush and lust list!

Oh my, that was a long hiatus. I started a new job. Left Microsoft to join a gaming company and it has been a fun ride so far! Spent close to 2 months in San Francisco living out of a hotel and soooo good to be back home, and writing!

Anyways, time to talk about my new online-shopping crush! Few months ago, I discovered Mikkat Market on Refinery29 and back then, I found the collection too small for my liking. Recently, I checked on them again and man, I am in love. Katherine personally hand-picks the clothes (and models?) and it shows. No commercial crap but very selected beautiful designs that are both classic, chic and youthful!

Here is my lust-list!

Cutest faux leather shorts in the most beautiful color – http://www.mikkatmarket.com/product/high-waist-faux-leather-shorts-burgundy

How I wish this was available in my size? Classy navy mixed with black leather – I love mixed media! http://www.mikkatmarket.com/product/navy-high-waist-ribbon-skirt

Silk, stripes and style – http://www.mikkatmarket.com/product/silk-asymmetric-stripe-top

Summery and lady-like top – perfect for showing those shoulders! http://www.mikkatmarket.com/product/printed-cut-out-shoulder-blouse

And maxi dress to complete the summer look – http://www.mikkatmarket.com/product/tie-dye-uneven-maxi-dress

Letting the inner kid out

Read this amazing piece of writing by Alice Tate on Refinery and loved it – http://www.refinery29.com/alice-tate. Why I loved it so much that I am blogging during my lunch hour? I think it’s got to do with the fact it’s so well written and the fact that I have been guilty of buying kid/ little-girl clothing one too many times.

Moving to the US from Singapore was one of the biggest ego boosts ever. At 5’6″ and 112Lb, I was the “small” but not “extra small” among the petite Asian girls. That changed as soon as I moved to the US. Sizes are magnanimous here. I remember walking into Express and fitting right into a Size Zero which is the smallest size they carried. I was overjoyed. I think I bought the jeans ONLY coz it was a size zero and I fit into it.

Now I don’t have a boyish figure and nor am I too short, but none of the ski gear for adults ever fit me. Not to mention it was too expensive to experiment with. I mean, I don’t want to pay $400 in ski-gear to see if I am going to “like” skiing. I better god-damn love it! So when I walked to the girls section and found a cute Northface jacket for only $80, I grabbed it.

Just as the writer mentions, I am also guilty of wearing kid clothes. The youngest clothing I ever wore was a $10 7-year-olds Paddington bear t-shirt – which, according to friends, was coolest quirkiest t-shirt ever. I can vouch for the writer when she says she has the same experience (ok, I know I wasn’t in a fashion week or something, but hey, I rolled with pretty fashionable crowd).

Have you ever been guilty of wearing kid/ teenage clothing?

Celebrity style crush – Victoria Beckham

I seldom like celebrities-turned-designers but Victoria Beckham just might be an exception. I love that she has a specific and distinctive perspective and it looks fabulous on her. Things that I started especially appreciating because of her:

Neutral colors like heather grey


Pencil skirts, mid-length


Men inspired, shirt dresses (and perfect with nude pumps)


Fuller skirts, styled in not-so-girlie fashion, LOVE!


Structured clothing, especially exaggerated shoulders!


Special mention for coated demin and suede/satin collars – always loved it and she is great at styling it!

Now only if she will go easy on her tan!

Cozy like a cocoon

Hope you had a happy black Friday! I did too and managed to snag a couple of good deals (not necessarily the cheap door-buster type deals) but well, got 20% off on a coat I had been eyeing for a while. It’s a cute cocoon coat!

The thing I like about cocoon coats is – they have a super flattering and slimming shape since they are slimmer at the bottom and hence they look ultra-sophisticated. Whether you go for a slim fit or a loose fit, being a timeless classic, they will not go out of fashion – so it’s worth investing in a really good one.

They have been a rage for a while already now.. check out some runway pictures for styling inspiration!

They seems so versatile – skirts, dress, legging, jeans, pant, anything and everything goes!

Btw, I got mine from Asos – haha



Moi Back

It’s been a while since I blogged. Wish I could say I was busy with work, or traveling or living under a rock with no internet connection. But none of this is really true. I was just being lazy. While on my mini-break, I acquired a few of my latest heart-throb pieces.

Got myself a beautiful Helmut Lang dress here. Oh how I like the ultimate cool yet feminine style. ❤ ❤ ❤

And what better shoe to go with a cool yet edgy look –

I cannot wait to post a picture of this outfit on me soon!