White is the new black!

If every girl must have a pair of black pumps in her closet, every fashionista must have a pair of *white* pumps in her closet! Keeping it regal and classy with the pointy heels, white gives a carefree and fun vibe to the outfit. Whether you want to dress a formal skirt down to a classy evening out or dress a boyfriend jeans up without making it formal, white pumps are your best friends.

So buy one today, rock them with your favorite dress, pencil skirt, skinny jeans or boy friend jeans. And heck, try them on with your sweatpants too (with a bomber jacket or blazer, I must add).


Jourdan Dunn and Jade Ewen exit the Crazy Bear wine bar white2 white3 white4



Time for a OOTD post! Featuring Shoemint Jane booties, All Saints Riviera dress, Zara quilted jacket with my gorge new Balenciaga Part Time!

Seriously, wearing a cool dress with leather jacket gives that edge. These 2 tone beauties are my favorite. Not super easy to pull them off – so I plan to try and figure out outfits that will work with these. Balenciaga, on the other hand, goes with everything! Such a rocker chic classic!



Spring errrmm Winter-Cleaning

Not that it’s a new year’s resolution; since those are always destined to fail, as per my experience; I recently decided on:

Quality over Quantity

Meaning no more collecting 100 shoes and handbags but having a few chosen ones that are beautiful! It’s going to be hard to pass on some trends and street-wear, but I think it will help my closet organization. Plus I will get to “invest” in more Alexander Wangs, Celines and those Marc Jacobs!

So how do I plan to do this? Well, I am still figuring it out but here is where I started:

Winter Cleaning

  1. Online reselling stores

    To sell all those precious little bags and shoes that still have a lot of value. Remember to take a lot of pictures, bear in mind the fee and shipping costs! And try: Ebay.

  2. Used clothing stores

    This is where I expect small $$ for my items and don’t have to go through the hassle of taking pictures and uploading. I stayed away from consignment stores – mainly because, the ones in my area are horrible, I wonder if they are really able to sell anything. Plus they don’t give you $$ back immediately. I don’t want the items to display 6 months and come back to me again. So I prefer selling even if it brings less $$. Buffalo clothing exchange or local used clothing stores are the best!

  3. Give away

    I looked for 401c3 status non-profit organizations to donate my clothes to. At first I realized there are a ton of stops near grocery stores like Safeway that take donated items but on a closer look, I found that they aren’t non-profit. Seriously, if I am giving my stuff up, I want it to go to folks in need (and not to mention tax benefits for donation to non-profit organizations). Also realized that fire-stations take a few of these too and they more than needs it!

So that’s that – I hope to have a smaller wardrobe that I really love very soon!! xx

Shoes and Personality

Do you believe that shoes can tell about a person’s personality? I think so! But I think this article is SOOO lame! It’s one of those articles that make you scratch your head and say “do we really need a study for something so obvious?”


Examples of obvious stuff in the “study”:

Expensive shoes belonged to high earners, flashy and colorful footwear belonged to extroverts.

Not surprisingly, liberal thinkers, who many think of as flip-flop wearing hippies, wear shabbier and less expensive shoes.


Also, some of the things in the article were so WRONG!

Practical and functional shoes generally belong to agreeable people

I wear flats to work, mostly because I am too tall and I need to walk around between meetings a lot. Agreeable? Not sure 😉

People with “attachment anxiety” or people that were most worried about their relationships generally had brand new and well-kept shoes.

NOO!!! It’s all us women who love beautiful designs and styles who wear amazing and new shoes, to stay trendy!

Now if only University of Kansas will put their researchers to better and more useful work!