I am back and a new crush and lust list!

Oh my, that was a long hiatus. I started a new job. Left Microsoft to join a gaming company and it has been a fun ride so far! Spent close to 2 months in San Francisco living out of a hotel and soooo good to be back home, and writing!

Anyways, time to talk about my new online-shopping crush! Few months ago, I discovered Mikkat Market on Refinery29 and back then, I found the collection too small for my liking. Recently, I checked on them again and man, I am in love. Katherine personally hand-picks the clothes (and models?) and it shows. No commercial crap but very selected beautiful designs that are both classic, chic and youthful!

Here is my lust-list!

Cutest faux leather shorts in the most beautiful color – http://www.mikkatmarket.com/product/high-waist-faux-leather-shorts-burgundy

How I wish this was available in my size? Classy navy mixed with black leather – I love mixed media! http://www.mikkatmarket.com/product/navy-high-waist-ribbon-skirt

Silk, stripes and style – http://www.mikkatmarket.com/product/silk-asymmetric-stripe-top

Summery and lady-like top – perfect for showing those shoulders! http://www.mikkatmarket.com/product/printed-cut-out-shoulder-blouse

And maxi dress to complete the summer look – http://www.mikkatmarket.com/product/tie-dye-uneven-maxi-dress


Looking back at Devil Wears Prada

Since the movie was released in 2006, Devil Wears Prada has been my favorite “fashion-movie” way above any of the SATC series/ movies and anything else. Ann Hathway and Meryl Streep look like the epitome of style. And interestingly, a lot of styles are still very relevant and “in”! Here are the few trends that are still “current” and ever-green.

A black and white with red will never ever go out of style!


Chanel necklace and bling is timeless, isn’t it?


A minilmalistic green peacoat looks amazing.

I will get rid of the animal-print though!


How cute is this mititary inspired jacket!

A bit of prep-school style with a mini skirt/dress can be fun and youtful!


Another minimalistic white coat with waist belt. Classic classic!



Peplum Obsessed

I went on a massive peplum shopping trip and bought 3 peplum tops on the same day! Too much! Now I am praying that peplum stays trendy for a long long time. But then – it gives such a classy and polished look. It is also very flattering on all figures and created a perfect hourglass shape. So well, I don’t feel as bad.

Now that I have so many peplum tops, I need to figure out various ways to wear it out. Here are 3 that created on polyvore.

These is a fall/summer look and features my latest bag-crush. The bag is here – http://www.celine.com/en/collection/fall/leather-goods/trapeze/9 and no longer available anywhere. But I will keep looking!!!

The second look is causal work appropriate (I do work in a tech firm so denim is totally fine for me). Add a neon pump and Chanel and it’s perfect for happy hour after work too! To add the man-wear trend, feel free to exchange the jeans for a boyfriend jeans.

This is a night-out-in-the-town look. Perfect with my latest love aka tie-dye jeans. And featuring my shoe-crush – the French bootie. So in love. Add neck pieces for a fun look.

Hope you liked these all! If there is another great peplum idea, send/ tweet it my way. I will add it to this list. Thanks for reading.


Moto Boots

I have been eyeing Moto aka Biker boots for sooooo long. Finally, I got around to buying a pair, at work (guilty!).

Check these rag and none beauties out at http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/rag-bone-astor-moto-boot/3177343?origin=category&fashionColor=&resultback=611

Now I am back at home, DREAMING about the various looks and clothing I will pair these with. Here are my top 5 picks –

1.  Simple Tee and Jeans Casual

A plain feminine sheer t shirt and classic sunglasses for the carefree and street chic look.

2. Soft and Hard

Gorgeous white flowing dress with moto boots. Oh, how love opposites coming together.


3. Summer causal

Denim cutouts with t-shirt. A little scarf and long cardigan action for the spring.

4.  Breezy skirt and pullover

Again a soft and hard combination. I know its a little similar to #2 but this one has a completely different and cutesy vibe to it.

5. Edgy career lady

Pair a tailored dress with moto boots for an edgy look. Minimal make up but soft feminine wave to complement your attire. Work appropriate too.

 Hope you liked my picks.



If your office is your runway …

You are fashionable and fabulous. You love to express yourself through your style. Then why stop at work? The office can be the runway. Check out some of my favorite workplace styles.