Spring errrmm Winter-Cleaning

Not that it’s a new year’s resolution; since those are always destined to fail, as per my experience; I recently decided on:

Quality over Quantity

Meaning no more collecting 100 shoes and handbags but having a few chosen ones that are beautiful! It’s going to be hard to pass on some trends and street-wear, but I think it will help my closet organization. Plus I will get to “invest” in more Alexander Wangs, Celines and those Marc Jacobs!

So how do I plan to do this? Well, I am still figuring it out but here is where I started:

Winter Cleaning

  1. Online reselling stores

    To sell all those precious little bags and shoes that still have a lot of value. Remember to take a lot of pictures, bear in mind the fee and shipping costs! And try: Ebay.

  2. Used clothing stores

    This is where I expect small $$ for my items and don’t have to go through the hassle of taking pictures and uploading. I stayed away from consignment stores – mainly because, the ones in my area are horrible, I wonder if they are really able to sell anything. Plus they don’t give you $$ back immediately. I don’t want the items to display 6 months and come back to me again. So I prefer selling even if it brings less $$. Buffalo clothing exchange or local used clothing stores are the best!

  3. Give away

    I looked for 401c3 status non-profit organizations to donate my clothes to. At first I realized there are a ton of stops near grocery stores like Safeway that take donated items but on a closer look, I found that they aren’t non-profit. Seriously, if I am giving my stuff up, I want it to go to folks in need (and not to mention tax benefits for donation to non-profit organizations). Also realized that fire-stations take a few of these too and they more than needs it!

So that’s that – I hope to have a smaller wardrobe that I really love very soon!! xx


Letting the inner kid out

Read this amazing piece of writing by Alice Tate on Refinery and loved it – http://www.refinery29.com/alice-tate. Why I loved it so much that I am blogging during my lunch hour? I think it’s got to do with the fact it’s so well written and the fact that I have been guilty of buying kid/ little-girl clothing one too many times.

Moving to the US from Singapore was one of the biggest ego boosts ever. At 5’6″ and 112Lb, I was the “small” but not “extra small” among the petite Asian girls. That changed as soon as I moved to the US. Sizes are magnanimous here. I remember walking into Express and fitting right into a Size Zero which is the smallest size they carried. I was overjoyed. I think I bought the jeans ONLY coz it was a size zero and I fit into it.

Now I don’t have a boyish figure and nor am I too short, but none of the ski gear for adults ever fit me. Not to mention it was too expensive to experiment with. I mean, I don’t want to pay $400 in ski-gear to see if I am going to “like” skiing. I better god-damn love it! So when I walked to the girls section and found a cute Northface jacket for only $80, I grabbed it.

Just as the writer mentions, I am also guilty of wearing kid clothes. The youngest clothing I ever wore was a $10 7-year-olds Paddington bear t-shirt – which, according to friends, was coolest quirkiest t-shirt ever. I can vouch for the writer when she says she has the same experience (ok, I know I wasn’t in a fashion week or something, but hey, I rolled with pretty fashionable crowd).

Have you ever been guilty of wearing kid/ teenage clothing?

Worst of 2012!

Fantastic time to look back and see what the worst trends and styles of 2012 were.

Wedge sneakers

I guess one’s gotta make up their mind about whether they are genuinely trying to exercise or they are trying to go out. Using a wedge sneaker to look fashionable sporty actually make one look uncomfortably dorky. Trust me!

Bandage Dress

Why would you wear that? Seriously? Especially those who don’t even have the body type to rock it.

All over denim

Unless you want to look like the 80s relic (and that’s not a cool thing), please don’t wear them.

Lady Gaga Shoes aka Fallover shoes

I think insurance agencies should increase the premium for those who purchase that. Afterall, they are now one step closer (no pun intended) to breaking jaw, face, back etc.

Bow Down!

Bought bow-ties for the most important man in my life and he was surprised when I asked him to wear it to work for fun today (we work for geeky, techie companies btw, so you get an idea). And he was like – “it’s way too formal”. So I decided to do a post for all of you guys, who think bow-ties are for boring formal special occasions. NO, that’s not true. Here are some of my favorite looks with bow-ties.

Keep it classy with a bowtie and jacket – perfect evening dinner, party wear!

Keeping it even more casual with a military styled jacket and check-shirt! Perfect for anything!

And who says that you actually have to tie the bow-tie!!!!

More inspiration!!!

If all else fails, girls, take over the bow tie!!!





Polyvore app is here!

All you Polyvore lovers – the app is here and it’s pretty beautiful too. You might remember my Swirl app review where I wondered about why Polyvore doesn’t have a kick-ass app (just as the kick-ass website), well, they listened (or well, it was in their pipeline).

So here is how I would summarize it:

  1. Browse the latest looks for quick inspiration on the go!
  2. Access your looks – this will help you bigtime when you are shopping to complete an outfit!!!!

  3. Check out specific pieces and whether there is another store it’s on sale at!

You can even create new looks but I won’t likely do that on iphone.. it takes way longer. I might do that on my ipad.. but I still greatly prefer my laptop for this!

I love it coz I love Polyvore! But it will still not replace Swirl as my favorite shopping app – although they both complement each other soo well!

What do you guys think? What is your favorite shopping app?

Baggage Claim

Winter is the season for bags! While most of sexy clothes are covered under those dark coats and feel with boot, bags are a perfect way to accessorize and add that color to the outfit. As always, I have a looong lust list – I love bags (well, who doesn’t). Sharing makes the pain easy to bear, so here I am … sharing my lust-list for winter bags (yes, some of these bags are from older seasons, but what to do).

Celine bag

This has to be my favorite shade of blue! Pop of color for all those greys, browns, black and beiges.

Alexander Wang Emile Bag

So, I would like to pretty much own everything from Alexander Wang, in general. But for now, I will settle with the Emile bag. And I am not even picky, a lizard, or leopard skin or any other calf hair bag will do. So accommodating, ain’t I.

Alexander Wang Rocco Bag

Yes, yes, again AW. The beautiful and not-so-fussy bag. Perfect for traveling or a day out in the town. I checked it out in our local Barney’s and the leather felt to nice and soft. And if you catch the Olsens wearing it, means it’s a must-have!

Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha

A casual jeans, oversized sweater with boots and this cross body bag. Perfect street style!

Chanel Bag

A girl must definitely have one but yet never have enough – I think I can use a black one too, esp. in patent (for a modern touch)